Unichip is a state of the art piggy-back ECU (Engine Control Unit), designed to optimise the tuning of your petrol car in harmony with your existing ECU. Because every UNICHIP
is live tuned to your vehicle, you can be sure you're geting the very most out of your car and any modifications you've made to it.
When a car comes from the factory, it's ECU is set up with very cautious settings from the manufacturer, designed to take account of a wide variation in engineering tolerances,
driving conditions and environmental factors. To fine tune each engine off the production line would take more time money and resources than makes sense for the manufacturer.
This is where the UNICHIP comes in. Using the up-to-the-minute tuning facilities of the UNICHIP we can guarantee to give you 100% of your engine's performance 100% of the time. What's more, using our unique modular design UNICHIP can control just about any performance modification you can think of, including Turbochargers, superchargers, nitrous injection, water injection and many more. Below list out the function of the unichip:
* Variable valve timingadjustment ( like control I-VTEC or VVT-I )
* Rev cut limit adjustment
* Boost cut limit & level adjustment
* Five individual maps which can be switched on the fly without any glitch
* Water Injection mapping
* Nitrous oxide progressive injection
* Bigger/supplementary injector mapping
* Variable manifold flap switching
* Launch control with difference level control
* Full throttle gear shift
* Anti over-DRifT control - push a button to tuck the rear back in when you over-DRifT!
* Road speed limiter removal
* Speedo conversion for non-standard wheel size Shift light
* Idle speed stabilisation for engine fitted with high cam
* Automatic gearbox optimization
* Improved torque converter lock-up on automatic cars
Unichip is the result of 15 years of research and development. The Unichip was the very first product of its kind and continue to evolve support new vehicles. Simple upgrade the firmware of the unichip the chances are VERY good that it will fit on your future vehicle as well.
It is a fully functioning computer that is added to the vehicle's existing engine management computer. It greatly enhances the functions and capabilities of the original computer turning it into a super computer!
How much horse power gain with unichip installed ?
As much as is possible! As every car is live tuned on a dynamometer and every car is different, it's impossible to quote exact figures, but most normally aspirated (non-turbo) cars will see 7-12bhp gains, with turbocharged cars giving anything from 20-60bhp depending on make or model.
Would the fuel consumption become higher after unichip install ?
Once the Unichip is added the engine can be perfectly tuned by a trained professional so that it makes maximum safe power at full throttle and gives optimum fuel consumption at part throttle. It can be tuned differently under different throttle and RPM conditions.
How unichip install into fuel injection vehicle ?
The UNICHIP gets wired into the existing ECU harness. If it is removed the engine is back to standard. For many applications the plug and play harnesses are available giving you the ability to add or remove the Unichip system as you wish.
What is different between unichip with the flashing ECU ?
With the UNICHIP every individual engine can easily be optimized in real time by examine the power reading from dynometer. Flashing ECU only can be program while engine
shut off, then start engine again to examine the result of the tuning.
Flashing ECU can't give you the choice between different maps, they can't create immobilizer maps or governed maps if you take your vehicle for a service or loan it to someone. They can't create different launch RPM at wet or dry road condition.
Flashing ECU can't be transferred from one vehicle to the other. You pay for the tuning and mapping cost only. With the Unichip the chances are more than 95% that it could be fitted on your next vehicle as well. Because the firmware can be upgraded on the Unichip it can be updated in the future to suit new models.
If you take your vehicle for servicing at the original dealers they can very easily (and very possibly) erase the flashed program and replace it with an "updated" standard version of the program. A reflashed ECU can very easily be detected by the factory scan tools. To date we haven't see one case where the factory scan tools could detect the Unichip!