Visworks Autolab is one of the highly respectable Automotive related corporation in Malaysia. Since its establishment as a Automotive performance hub just 2years ago, they have gain plenty of exposure through their expertise in automotive performance whether in terms of engine performance or aesthetics.

Being one of the largest automotive hubs in Malaysia, they have not neglected their marketing side. Visworks Autolabs spends an average of RM80,000 on advertising in local magazines alone. Their work and achievement has also been featured in the media as well.
Visworks Autolab's business consists of 3 businesses:
Automotive Tuning and Performance
Performance and custom modifications to clients cars   /  Research and development on Automotive Performace   /  Manufacturing of products for engine performance  /
Car servicing and repair garage   /  Dyno tuning of performance ECU chips mainly the Unichip
>> This sector requires extensive knowledge on automotive technology so we are always updated through various and regular trainings that we participate internationally.
Bodyshop Centre
Automotive spray paint centre  /  Automtovie body repair  /  Installtion centre for our our bodykit products  /  Body alterations centre  /  Airbrush facilities
>> Our bodyshop is equipped with standard facilites such as an oven room paint mixer equipments and showroom lighting.
Bodykit trading, Aesthetics and manufacturing centre
Importing and exporting branded and custom bodykits internationally  /  Building custom designed bodykits for drive-in clients  /  kevlar bodyparts and products  /  
Manufacturing Bodykits to be sold locally or exported  /  Manufacturing of carbon  /  Providing aesthetic solutions for clients
>> This sector requires extensive know-how in producing products with fibreglass, polyurethene, plastics, metal and carbon/kevlar. Special equipment is also a must for
      such applications. Our products are mainly hand-made out of moulds that we produce in-house. Our products are also systematically catalogued.