Unichip Diesel kits consists of a pre-programmed Unichip computer module, wiring harness, and a multi-map selector switch It is designed to work in virtually any diesel vehicle –normally aspirated or forced induction, common rail diesel systems (CRDI) or electronic unit direct injection systems. Two different wiring harness options are available. A high quality prefabricated PnP harness allows you install DIY or use custom wiring harness installed by qualified tuner to permanently integrate the Unichip with your vehicle's wiring harness.
No matter what vehicle you have, we guarantee maximum power from your engine. On a CRDI diesel vehicle, adding the Unichip produces a peak gain about 50% or even more. On a diesel injection pump, the peak gain about 30% or more. The gains result obtains from accurate map sets that correct the Air-Fuel ratio and timing to produce maximum power. On turbocharged vehicles, we additionally modify the boost maps to both raise peak boost to the highest safe level and to start boost earlier and program it to reach its maximum quicker. At partial throttle conditions, your vehicle will deliver the best possible fuel economy while producing minimum emissions. When you push the throttle to the floor, however, your engine will make the most power available.
Unichip diesel can store maximum 5 different profiles for a specific vehicle. For example from fuel saving profile to daily drive or max power profile. These profiles can be switching on the fly while the engine is running, just turn the map selector switch no need laptop to program for switch between these profiles. As an example, one map can be programmed as an immobilizer map; another might be set up to lower the RPM or speed limiter if the vehicle is sent for service or lent to someone. Another might be set up for high boost to have fun on track days etc.
Power, economy, efficiency, performance, fine-tuning, polished, perfection, tweaked, improved and optimized; all words that go well with a Unichip!
* Plug n Play wiring harness with factory connectors.**
* Multi-processor computer for a new level of engine management
* Custom-engineered software only for your engine with specific performance components
* Adds power to stock & modified engines - up to 30% more power!
* Works with a variety of cold air intakes, exhaust systems & other performance components
* Dyno-tested and field-tested to ensure maximum reliability over the lifetime of your engine
* Crafted to output power more smoothly, eliminating weak areas in the power curve
* Safely maximizes engine power output across the entire RPM band
* Does not permanently or temporarily alter factory computer software
* Custom tunable for custom add-on components for the most power
* Invisible installation, No footprint, easily removable **
* Performance Guaranteed to satisfy!
* Equal or better fuel mileage - varies by application
* No high-octane fuel requirements
* Available for most vehicles.