General maintenance like change engine/gear box oil, spark plugs, timing belt etc. Performing maintenance tasks on your car can prevent you from getting into an accident and/or breaking down. Whether it's your wheels, breaks, struts, shocks, headlights, air filter, or engine fluid levels, there's a way to recognize the warning before it's too late.
Engine is the most important part or the vehicle. Our race engines with forged internal assembly inside the dust free environment. This room equip with all special tools like dial gauge and torque wrench which is necessarily to build an engine.
With the Dastek's Dynamometer our tuner can simulate various road and track conditions, without the need for labor intensive and time consuming road testing. Beside the Dastek unichip, we can tune almost all engine management available in the market, from Apexi SAFC to Greddy Emanage, to MircoTech or PowerFC and even the HKS F-con V-PRO. Customer can ask our technical advisor for detail information and book the appointment for custom tuning. Control devices like boost controller and speed cut removal, or gauges like water temp or boost meter for monitoring system can be install by our professional technician.
Our showroom provides customers with a comprehensive display of a wide range of Products. We have carry brand like HKS, Trust, Endless, Sard, Apexi, PowerEnterprise, Triniti Clutch, Aerospeed, Nitrous Express, NGK and many more, kindly speak to our sales representative for more product information. Guest Room also available for customers to have a rest while wait for their car being service.
One of the most important elements to any vehicle is its suspension and footwork system. We offer many after market parts to add/replace stock components to increase vehicle driving performance.
By using updated scan tools, we can do the troubleshooting diagnostic for various type of vehicles either it is JDM or continental vehicles. Follow the DTC shown we can identify the faulty parts easily then replace it. Beside the electrical problem, we dealing with common problem like idle unstable, braking vibration, clunking sound from underneath, engine misfiring, turbo overboost and etc. We have a lot of vehicle service manual especially for JDM car which make the diagnostic job become easier.